Not really. But it doesn’t harm to register and get the privilege of buying as well.
Yes: you would always prefer to have a trolley to yourself while shopping, wouldn’t you?
Always above 68%(if your book is an ancient disintegrating manuscript), all the way upto 95% — ain’t that a deal!
Not more than a day if it complies with our terms and conditions.
Yep, just fill in the form accordingly.
Anything between 40% and 55%, as the seller chooses.

Anywhere between 2 to 5 days. Once you place an order, keep an eye out for a call. We’ll contact you about your order progress.

Any (legal) hard copy essentially. To give a few examples; college books, reference books, manuals, novels, entrance books, classes notes, calculators(!). Of course it should not have any voluntary damage done to it.