About Us

Who We Are

In any college, there’s a tiny little lot of entrepreneurs always on the lookout for opportunities: be it while applying for scholarship or filling a KT form. We are part of that lot.

We are pursuing careers in CSE, and that’s how our roads crossed. After teaming up for doing a project under a course, we decided to do more projects together. This is one such project.

What We Believe

“The pinnacle of a business success is when one side wins at the expense of all others.”, said no-one ever. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A business is truly successful only when each side wins. This is our business motto.

In every problem lies an easter egg called opportunity. An opportunity we entrepreneurs are on the hunt for. And there’s never going to be a lack of problems waiting to be solved. So there’s always something for everyone in our sphere. A lot, in fact.

We believe in making a difference; be it to our localities or to the entire world. This is what unites us, and this is what drives us. This is our moral value.

What We Do

Work. We work. Putting things together, breaking them and putting them back better; that’s our way of spending free-time.

We go to college for our meetings and sometimes for our lectures(if we do).

If you see us, come say hi!